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        UK Laptop Battery Shop

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        Toshiba Portege Series Batteries

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        The best place on the web for Toshiba Portege Series laptop batteries >> eLaptopBattery.co.uk offers a wide range of battery products, so if you need a laptop battery or a laptop adaptor, we offer a reliable and quality service with products from well know manufacturers at fantastic prices. We also have some of the best product warranties and offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your Toshiba Portege laptop battery!

        Shop by Toshiba Portege Series:

        Portege R200-128
        Portege 2000 Series
        Portege 2010 Series
        Portege 4000 Series
        Portege A600 Series
        Portege A600-122
        Portege A600-12O
        Portege A600-12X
        Portege A600-12Y
        Portege A600-132
        Portege A600-13X
        Portege A600-13Y
        Portege A600-13Z
        Portege A600-142
        Portege A600-143
        Portege A600-600
        Portege A600-S2201
        Portege A600-ST2230
        Portege A600-ST2231
        Portege A600-ST2232
        Portege A600-ST4203
        Portege A601
        Portege A602
        Portege A605 Series
        Portege A605-P200
        Portege A605-P201
        Portege A605-P205
        Portege A605-P210
        Portege M200
        Portege M205
        Portege M300
        Portege M300 Series
        Portege M300-100
        Portege M400 Series Tablet PC
        Portege M400-EZ5031
        Portege M400-EZ5031 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-S4031
        Portege M400-S4031 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-S4032
        Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-S4033
        Portege M400-S4034
        Portege M400-S4035
        Portege M400-S5032
        Portege M400-S5032 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-S5032X
        Portege M400-S5032X Tablet PC
        Portege M400-S933
        Portege M400-S933 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-ST4001
        Portege M400-ST4001 Tablet PC
        Portege M400-ST4035
        Portege M400-ST9113
        Portege M400-ST9113 Tablet PC
        Portege M405 Series
        Portege M500
        Portege M500 Series
        Portege M500-P140
        Portege M500-P1401
        Portege M500-P141
        Portege M500-P1411
        Portege M600 Series
        Portege M600-E320
        Portege M600-E340
        Portege M600-E360
        Portege M601
        Portege M602
        Portege M603
        Portege M606
        Portege M607
        Portege M609
        Portege M612
        Portege M700 Series Tablet PC
        Portege M700-139
        Portege M700-13A
        Portege M700-13P
        Portege M700-S7001X
        Portege M700-S7001X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7002
        Portege M700-S7002 Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7003V
        Portege M700-S7003V Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7003X
        Portege M700-S7003X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7004V
        Portege M700-S7004V Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7004X
        Portege M700-S7004X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7005V
        Portege M700-S7005V Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7005X
        Portege M700-S7005X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7008
        Portege M700-S7008 Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7008X
        Portege M700-S7008X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7043V
        Portege M700-S7043V Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7043X
        Portege M700-S7043X Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7044V
        Portege M700-S7044V Tablet PC
        Portege M700-S7044X
        Portege M700-S7044X Tablet PC
        Portege M750-109
        Portege M750-10J
        Portege M750-10K
        Portege M750-10L
        Portege M750-S720
        Portege M750-S7201
        Portege M750-S7202
        Portege M750-S7211
        Portege M750-S7212
        Portege M750-S7213
        Portege M750-S7221
        Portege M750-S7222
        Portege M750-S7223
        Portege M750-S7241
        Portege M750-S7242
        Portege M750-S7243
        Portege M750-ST7258
        Portege M780-S7210
        Portege M780-S7214
        Portege M780-S7220
        Portege M780-S7224
        Portege M780-S7230
        Portege M780-S7234
        Portege M780-S7240
        Portege M780-S7244
        Portege M780-ST7200
        Portege M800
        Portege M800 -11J
        Portege M800 Series
        Portege M800-101
        Portege M800-105
        Portege M800-106
        Portege M800-10A
        Portege M800-10C
        Portege M800-10D
        Portege M800-10N
        Portege M800-10V
        Portege M800-10W
        Portege M800-113
        Portege M800-116
        Portege M800-11B
        Portege M800-11F
        Portege M800-11G
        Portege M800-701
        Portege M801
        Portege M802
        Portege M803
        Portege M805
        Portege M806
        Portege M807
        Portege M808
        Portege M810
        Portege M819
        Portege M820
        Portege M821
        Portege M822
        Portege M823
        Portege M825
        Portege M830
        Portege M862
        Portege M900
        Portege M901
        Portege M903
        Portege M905
        Portege M906
        Portege M907
        Portege M908
        Portege M909
        Portege M910
        Portege M911
        Portege M915
        Portege M916
        Portege R100 Series
        Portege R150 Series
        Portege R200 Series
        Portege R200-110
        Portege R200-S2031
        Portege R200-S234
        Portege R400 Series Tablet PC
        Portege R400-100 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-101 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-103 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-104 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-106 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-10B Tablet PC
        Portege R400-10C Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4831 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4832 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4833 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4834 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4835 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4931 Tablet PC
        Portege R400-S4933 Tablet PC
        Portege R500 Series
        Portege R500-100
        Portege R500-106
        Portege R500-10I
        Portege R500-10J
        Portege R500-10K
        Portege R500-10M
        Portege R500-10N
        Portege R500-10U
        Portege R500-110
        Portege R500-11B
        Portege R500-11C
        Portege R500-11F
        Portege R500-11H
        Portege R500-11I
        Portege R500-11J
        Portege R500-11K
        Portege R500-11L
        Portege R500-11N
        Portege R500-11T
        Portege R500-11X
        Portege R500-11Y
        Portege R500-11Z
        Portege R500-121
        Portege R500-124
        Portege R500-126
        Portege R500-127
        Portege R500-12H
        Portege R500-12I
        Portege R500-12J
        Portege R500-12N
        Portege R500-12P
        Portege R500-12Q
        Portege R500-131
        Portege R500-135
        Portege R500-3G11K
        Portege R500-3G125
        Portege R500-S5001X
        Portege R500-S5002
        Portege R500-S5002X
        Portege R500-S5003
        Portege R500-S5004
        Portege R500-S5005
        Portege R500-S5006V
        Portege R500-S5006X
        Portege R500-S5007V
        Portege R500-S5008X
        Portege R500-S8199
        Portege R501
        Portege R502
        Portege R505 Series
        Portege R600 Series
        Portege R600-101
        Portege R600-102
        Portege R600-108
        Portege R600-10F
        Portege R600-10M
        Portege R600-10Q
        Portege R600-10S
        Portege R600-11Q
        Portege R600-S4201
        Portege R600-S4202
        Portege R600-ST4203
        Portege R600-ST520W
        Portege R700
        Portege R700-01B
        Portege R700-02B
        Portege R700-11E
        Portege R700-13K
        Portege R700-155
        Portege R700-15Q
        Portege R700-15R
        Portege R700-15T
        Portege R700-15U
        Portege R700-15V
        Portege R700-15W
        Portege R700-15X
        Portege R700-160
        Portege R700-172
        Portege R700-173
        Portege R700-174
        Portege R700-17W
        Portege R700-17X
        Portege R700-17Z
        Portege R830-003
        Portege R830-02F
        Portege R830-02P
        Portege R830-030
        Portege R830-05L
        Portege R830-06R
        Portege R830-0GE
        Portege R830-104
        Portege R830-17C
        Portege R830-195
        Portege R830-1DX
        Portege R830-1DZ
        Portege R830-1G2
        Portege R830-1HD
        Portege R830-1JV
        Portege R830-1JX
        Portege R830-1JZ
        Portege R830-1K1
        Portege R830-S8312
        Portege R830-S8322
        Portege R830-S8332
        Portege R930-005
        Portege R930-006
        Portege R930-007
        Portege R930-008
        Portege R930-009
        Portege R930-10J
        Portege R930-115
        Portege R930-116
        Portege R930-117
        Portege R930-12Q
        Portege S100
        Portege S100 Series
        Portege S100-112
        Portege S100-113
        Portege S100-133
        Portege S100-S1132
        Portege S100-S1133
        Portege S100-S113TD
        Portege S100-S213TD
        Portege T130
        Portege T131
        Portege T210-01B
        Portege T210-02
        Portege Z830 Series
        Portege Z835 Series

        New This Season

        DELTA Fans DELTA Fans AFB0512HHD AFB0505HB...
        FORCECON Fans
        FORCECON Fans DFB451005M20T F613-CCW DFB451005M10T
        SUNON Fans
        SUNON Laptop Fans 13.V1.B2902.F.GN 13.V1.B2880.F.GN
        Dell Power Supply Power Supplies for Dell: DOS-300AB-36B D525E001L
        Battery grips
        FSP Power Supplies FSP200-20SI FSP180-60SAV
        ACBEL Power Supplies
        ACBEL Power Supplies API5PC58 API4PC17
        90W External Battery 60000mAh BAN X6 Power Bank DC Output 5V 7V 9V 12V 14V 16V 19V 5A Max. 700g 187 x 110 x 21mm Silver Find the perfect power bank: 90W 60000mAh BAN X6 DC Output 5V 7V 9V 12V 14V 16V 19V 5A Max. 700g
        Battery grips
        Battery grips for Canon, Nikon & Pentax
        Total station batteries
        Total station batteries for Leica, Pentax, & Topcon

        Warranty & Return Policy
        Unless otherwise specified, we warrant our products for 1-Year from the date of original purchase under normal and non-commercial use. Replacement items, if issued, do not restart or in any way extend the warranty period.

        Returns Due to Our Error

        1. If products are returned to us within 30 days from the purchase day, we will bear all the shipping charges for exchange; and if justified, refund will be made in full. However, products so returned must be 100% complete. The return shipping fee will only cover up to £10.00.

        2. After thirty (30) days and up to ninety (90) days of purchase, we will refund (excluding shipping and handling charges) or replace any defective product(s). Customers are responsible for paying the return shipping charges and we bear the re-sending charges.

        3. After ninety (90) days and up to one (1) year of purchase, refund request will not be accepted unless a replacement is not available. Customers are responsible for paying all the shipping charges (including the return and resending ones).

        Replacement products or refund will be arranged for all fault products returned, subject to technical test results that justify Customers' complaint.

        Returns Due to Customer’s Error

        If you are not satisfied with our product(s), please contact us through order@elaptopbattery.co.uk to obtain a RMA Number within fifteen (15) days of purchase; we will refund a full of product unit price after deducting shipping and handling charges or replace any defective product(s). However, customers are responsible for paying the shipping charges including the return and resending ones. Also, products must be returned 100% complete, including all components, original boxes and packing materials, manuals, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer.

        See details >>> Warranty & Return Policy

        MAXELL ER6C AA F2-40BL with wire
        MAXELL ER6C AA F2-40BL Lithium Battery (with wire)
        Original Panasonic BR-CCF2TH 6V PLC Lithium battery with cable
        Panasonic BR-2/3AGCT4A 6V 4400mAh
        Panasonic BR-2/3AGCT4A 6V 4400mAh
        PANASONIC BR-2/3A
        5 X Panasonic BR-2/3A 3V PLC Battery with Fillet Weld Leg
        Panasonic BR-C 3V Lithium Battery With C Type Plug
        Panasonic BR-C 3V Lithium Battery With C Type Plug
        PANASONIC CR2450 3V
        5 x PANASONIC CR2450 3V, With 20MM Fillet Weld Leg